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Here's an Archive page for Llamasoft's latest game: TxK for the PS Vita.
You can give TxK its own screen on your Vita with either of these wallpapers:


Click one of the images above to open it to full size.
Save image to your Vita.
Select it as wallpaper for one of your home pages and place the TxK icon on the page.  }:-)

Yak's blog about the web-based shooter genre, leading to TxK:
The Road to TxK: Genesis of a Genre
A couple of recent YouTube videos on TxK:

TxK on Indie Week - Jeff Minter talks Llamasoft, tube shooters & PSVita
TxK review. He gets so into the game, he stops talking part way through. :-)

Whilst the other games on this archive are free, here's the Llamasoft Donation page:
The money goes direct to Yak & Giles, to help support them in creating more games. :-)

There's also the Llamasoft shop, for T-shirts, mugs, etc:
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If you know of any others that I could host, please contact me.
The ones I know of that are missing:
Atari 8-bit - Turboflex English version,
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Atari TT - Revenge Of The Mutant Camels Megamix,
ZX81 - Deflex.

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