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The following files are old Llamasoft games/software/PD/stuff.*
Jeff Minter considers the software that he coded for these systems as 'freeware'.
This means that anyone can use them in emulators for no charge.
This also means that nobody can charge for supplying them!
See the Readme file here for details.
The game files are hosted on DropBox. If you want your own file storage on DropBox,
Click here to get 2Gb free (and I get some extra too :-) )
A big Thank ewe! to Mark Rayson, Lester M Fong, Mayhem,
Juan Antonio Maestre and Jez Price of the
Llamasoft forums YakYak.org
and of course Jeff Minter & Ivan Zorzin for helping me with these!
* Not all the software shown here was coded by Jeff Minter.
Other files are on here with the belief that the owner has given permission.
If this is not the case, please contact me and I will remove them.

Whilst the games on this archive are free, here's the Llamasoft Donation page:
The money goes direct to Yak & Giles, to help support them in creating more games. :-)

There's also the Llamasoft shop, for T-shirts, mugs, etc:
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BBC Micro, Commodore Amiga, C16, C64C64 demos, Konix, Pet, VIC 20,
MAME, MSX, PC, Sinclair Spectrum, ZX81, Misc.
If you know of any others that I could host, please contact me.
The ones I know of that are missing:
Atari 8-bit - Turboflex English version,
Atari ST - 1Mb Revenge OTMC, Atari STe - 512kb/1Mb Revenge OTMC,
Atari TT - Revenge Of The Mutant Camels Megamix,
ZX81 - Deflex.
Recent additions:
Attack of the Mutant Camels 1989 on the Konix Multi-system!
Star Fire (Commodore Pet),
Headbanger's Heaven, Micro Breakout, Potshot, Rox II (Vic20),
Text Thing and Video Security Programme (Vic20)





Atari Falcon:


jpg of Llamazap manual Part 1
Part 2,
Part 3


Atari Jaguar:

Tempest 2000 [T2K] (ROM file)



Defender 2000 (ROM file)


Jaguar Emulator version 0.06b.zip
YakYak thread about it
(with music VLM [for PC version])

Copyright of Dio on YakYak.org
Linux version

GP2X version by Firefox of YakYak

CD BIOS (for the CD music VLM)

Read the readme file before running!
(Very old/low power gfx cards may
have trouble running this emulator)
Intel Mac version .zip of T2k Jaguar emulator
PowerPC (G5) Mac .dmg version of the T2K emulator
YakYak thread about it
Linux, GP2X and Mac emus play T2K only (no VLM)

jagvlm.jpg jagvlm2.jpg

Atari ST:

Andes Attack

standes.jpg standes2.jpg


stcolours.jpg stcolours2.jpg

Defender 2

stdefender2.jpg stdefender2b.jpg

Super Gridrunner

stsupergrid.jpg stsupergrid2.jpg


sthardcore.jpg sthardcore2.jpg

Llamatron (512+1Meg .prg files)
Llamatron (.st file)
Rude Llamatron (.prg file)

Rude Llamatron (.st file)
(thanks to guythp on YakYak.org
for the .st file conversion)

(coarse profanity in Rude Llamatron!)

Rude Llamatron needs
4MB RAM and increase the
ST speed to 32MHz in your
ST emulator program.

stllamatron.jpg stllamatron2.jpg

Photon Storm

stphoton.jpg stphoton2.jpg

Revenge Of The Mutant Camels (512K)

strevenge.jpg strevengeb.jpg

Revenge Of The Mutant Camels 2

strevenge2.jpg strevenge2b.jpg

Thingy (a graphics demo)

stthingy.jpg stthingy2.jpg

Trip-A-Tron (2 disk version)
Trip-A-Tron readme file (Word.doc)
Trip-A-Tron Full Manual
Re-typed by
Word.doc (13MB)
Zipped Word.doc (635KB)

Adobe PDF file (16MB)
KML 3-D Waveform Mapper

(Copyright 2004 Jez Price
For better ST emulation on Macs
use the
Hatari emulator

sttripatron.jpg sttripatron2.jpg

Trip-A-Tron (1 disk version)
Thanks to oktup @ YakYak.org
for locating this.  :-)

sttripatron.jpg sttripatron2.jpg

Lester M Fong
"Here's an Atari ST disk image
with 5 games on:
Andes Attack, Super Gridrunner,
Defender II, Photon Storm
and Hardcore...

They all have their original text
and high score tables,
and having 5 on 1 disk image should
make it useful for GP32 owners
who want to save space :)
Load it up in STeem and check out
the intro that I put on it, hehehe ;) "



Defender 2


(ported by Mental Image)

amigagrid.jpg amigagrid2.jpg

Super Gridrunner





stllamatron.jpg stllamatron2.jpg


amigameta.jpg amigameta2.jpg

Photon Storm


Revenge of the Mutant Camels-(512K)

amigarevenge.jpg amigarevengeb.jpg

Revenge of the Mutant Camels-(1MB)
A BIG Thank Ewe to Clarance on the RetroLeague
for converting his actual game for the Archive! :-)


See the Atari ST section above for the user manual.

sttripatron.jpg sttripatron2.jpg

Attack of the Mutant Camels 1989 (& other roms)
You'll need to install OPEN AL first to hear the audio -

download the installer here.
You can download and unzip the emulator here.
Then take one of the rom files
(such as AMC'89) from the zip file above and
either load the emulator by dropping the rom file
onto it to open the emulator with that file,
OR from the command line load the emulator by
typing slipstream camels.p88 (for example).
Check the readme files for details.
For all Konix info,
including updates to the emulator,
Go here:

3 January 2013 Update!
Attack of the Mutant Camels '89 Konix source code
and assembler now available of GitHub for anyone
to have a play with - Kindly donated by Jeff Minter!




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